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  1. Diane Gould

    Thanks Andy ideas are flowing amazing stuff i can base my Patchworking around the Pearly family as you mentioned not to think too much which quite challenged me then realisation about keeping things simple.

  2. Duncan Campbell

    Short and sweet, thanks for this. Can’t stop picturing Shiva as a mafioso now.

  3. Suzanne


  4. Marlies1976

    When this was a topic for me, I myself emerged out of a situation where I had taken on the victim role. Being able to see this mechanism and then jotting it down combined with the ToL was (one of the) a big eye opener. Of course around that time a client came to me for bodywork sessions who continously and persistently ‘forced’ me to take a position in this triangle. Very informative.

    Now re-reading; Equals having a problem positioning yourself as the victim? Is asking ‘Whats it like’ deliberately taking on one of the two other positions in this triangle, and, is that what we want (operating within in this triangle)?

    Having done the IEMT and learning about the Patterns of Chronicity, this drama triangle is again very intriguing to me.

  5. Marco Uitendaal

    Two thoughts:
    – Adam and eve weren’t the first humans. They are representative of early humans and how they grew consciousness (knowledge) and became aware of their vulnerability. Within this frame it’s not so weird that Cain married someone from another tribe.
    – Cain married his anthropomorphication if the land of Nod was his metaphorical landscape. Then his wife would represent anyone to which he related in that way, but who would that be? His father, his mother, god?

    I can’t help but believe that Genesis is not timewise lineair, mathematically logical or single-axis.

    The rejection of Cains’ sacrifice, could that really be in part because of the cyclical nature of his world view? There’s so much value in cyclical awareness.

  6. Andrew Austin

    Throughout these pages, you will see the correlation between the Greek and the Roman gods. This graphic explains why this happened.

  7. Andrew Austin

    Hermetic magick

  8. Andrew Austin


  9. Marlies1976

    Looking good, thank you!

  10. Marco Uitendaal

    Let’s start the exploring. πŸ™‚ Good times!

  11. Mike Gray

    So my question at this stage, (which may become clear later), is what are these ten things? Ten kinds of people? Ten aspects of a person? Ten stages a person might progress through?

  12. Andrew Austin

    It’s a good question. “Conceptual categories” might be a good answer, there may be better answers. Lon Milo
    Duquette said of the introduction of Qabalah that there is no explanation that can be given that does not presuppose you already know about something else. Introduction stuff is really difficult.

  13. Marco Uitendaal

    okay. That unexpected youtube movie just propelled Marlies and me to the outer edges of the Internet. Wow.

  14. Andrew Austin

    If you give it a try, do please photograph the results.

  15. Mike Gray

    “He had balls” — I see what you did there

  16. Marco Uitendaal

    Well written! Revisiting the hurts taxonomy of level 2, the light of the 1st degree study material and a nice overview of the types of hurts and links to other taxonomies. Hadn’t thought of life-fluids as fulfilments at all but it’s obvious now. Sheds a nice light on my own tendency to conform, albeit kicking and screaming (on the inside).

  17. Mike Gray

    Looks to me like vairocana. ( note the hands).

  18. Marco Uitendaal

    Atu XVI. message well-received. This Abraxas entity of all makes me think of that song by Alan Parsons Project, can’t take it with you: And the boatman’s getting restless as he stands upon the shore. well you really are persuading but there’s nothing I can do… Also nice reference to pluto/hades. and again a river. did you notice the ‘vessel’ in the description of abraxas?
    As if the feminine is a form – vessel – to traverse the flood, but at the same time the identity role (assumed form) dies when the shit of the eye of shiva hits the fan. Hmmm, think deeper I must.

  19. Mike Gray

    I tend to think of the Fool as being right on the edge of a cliff — is that a different symbolism?

  20. Marlies1976

    Boom! More points to Marco! …. πŸ˜‰

  21. Andrew Austin

    You are correct. That is a traditional image of the card, was symbolic of a carefree attitude, living in the moment, not thinking about the future or where he is going etc.

  22. Mike Gray

    Just a quick shout-out to the symbolism of the Lotus. Om mani padme hum. The flower of Consciousness emerging from the putrefactive mud at the bottom of the pond.

  23. Marco Uitendaal

    btw. You got an old deck of Thoth. of course. Do you have all three magi?

  24. Andrew Austin

    Somewhere, ive got a few different versions, my deck with the three magi is somewhere in the attic.

    BTW there are different versions of other cards that Frieda Harris painted, but these cost rather a lot.

  25. Marlies1976

    The lack of skin tissue makes the skeleton extra flexible? Whats up with the hands? May be a surrendering/offering gesture?

  26. Diane Gould

    of course I listened to the end after seeing your experiments on the windowsill, fascinating and it tied in to a lecture I was in today discussing gut bacteria and life on Earth which billions of years ago started out it seems like your experiment.

  27. Marlies1976


    Awareness of the physical body as a projection of the true will is a key to wisdom – Nancy Wasserman
    (full text Eight Lectures on Yoga – Crowly)

  28. Ben Willens

    Would you consider the character of Mike from β€œStranger in a Strange Land” to be a good representation of the archetype of the fool?

  29. Andrew Austin

    Hmmm….I’d have to re-read the book, it was over 20 years ago I read it.

  30. Ben Willens

    Perhaps more towards the beginning of the book. I think he takes on more qualities of the magician later on after he…well…becomes a magician

  31. divya

    The Alan Watts video link isnt working.

    I found this link on YouTube – is it the same content?

  32. Marco Uitendaal

    If I grok it, doesn’t the Fool have a bit of “I know it’s gonna be messy but I’m going to jump in anyway.” ? I think you’re right Ben, if he knew up front he probably would do differently but he just jumps in without any judgement or preconceptions. Let’s experience what happens because that’s what it’s all about. That and watersharing. Didn’t read it in there, thanks for pointing it out! Now I’ll prolly actually finish the book. πŸ™‚

  33. Marlies1976

    Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki describes the 29th path as the path of sex, corporeal intelligence. I am still under the illusion its about facing that what is dark, hidden, scary, fearfull.

    I just now remembered you saying something like “what happens in the dark..”….

  34. Andrew Austin

    And for many, sex is dark, hidden, scary and fearful…

  35. Marlies1976

    Do XX+XVIII+XVI + II+XI make the alchemical symbol of sulfur too, or am I seeing things?

  36. Marco Uitendaal

    I’m pretty sure you’re seeing things hun.

  37. Masha_Bennett

    Andy, is there somewhere I could get a poster with this particular version of the Tree of Life? Thank you

  38. Andrew Austin

    I’ve seen it for sale on eBay, or if you have access to an A2 printer, I can send you the source file.

  39. Marlies1976

    We recently started with the Wim Hof Breathing Method, what a rush!

    Wim Hof breathing tutorial by Wim Hof:

  40. Marlies1976

    Pls don’t use anything with petroleum in it on your skin πŸ™ its really easy to make a rub/bar yourself. Or just buy some without.

    I guess you can use a rub on your temples too if the crown is a bit much?

    DIY bar
    All organic:
    1,5 table spoon coconut oil
    1,5 table spoon bees wax
    2 table spoons cacao butter
    1/2 table spoon almond oil
    10-15 drops etherical oil; peppermint, pine, cinnamon, rosemary, thyme, sage, citrus, mandarin, etc

    Melt the beeswax first, au bain marie. Take it of the heat and add the cacao butter and coconut oil. Then add and mix in the rest. Pour it into bonbon/icecube molds and let cool for 48 hours (so the core is cooled off, too) in fridge. Keeps for weeks in a glass jar in the fridge. Keep one out at room temp and use when needed πŸ™‚

  41. Ben Willens

    “The truth the we feel is not necessarily the truth that we feel…”


  42. Andrew Austin

    Correction on the Angelic names: Michael means “as the Lord” and Gabriel is in fact “Strength of God.”

  43. Marlies1976

    You had me at ‘crystals’, I lost you at 1;33…. will have to watch it again.

  44. Diane Gould

    My experience of Ritual helped me understand this much better and I have now integrated the Middle Pillar into my morning meditation. Thanks Andy

  45. Dov Meidan

    In Hebrew there is the letter, and there is full length word to pronounce the letter/
    So for example the letter F=EF, J=Jey, Q=Queue and so on.

    Χ€ in hebrew pronounced – Χ€Χ” (Peh) which actually do means mouth.

  46. Dov Meidan

    Nowadays, it is shown in Israel’s man of power governing the country for the past 13! years.

  47. Dov Meidan

    What about those who have consecutive (different) successes or consecutive (different) misfortunes?

  48. Dov Meidan

    This guy talks about why some succeed and most don’t, that fits this card.

  49. Marlous

    What you said about school and children not having a higher one than their peers to concern themselves with, made me think about soceity in general. Where people dont bow their heads to a higher ideal nor fear the wrath of (God/Allah/Who/whatver), they all self become the Most Important. Central individulism, no main focus on comunity, roots and connections, but on chasing after personal ideals (idols) and easily falling for temptations. Because why the hell not?

  50. Dov Meidan

    This one, made the most sense and understandings of my place in my life and the ways i behave and walk through the world and reality.
    Many of my metaphors have a desert in them.
    Not necessarily I’m in the desert.

    Still, the Jonah story make sense of the ways i behave and think and I’m somehow disassociate from them.

    Boom for me.

  51. AFH

    Possibly apropos of nothing, but I have been told that hanging upside down is the only way of eliminating compression on the spine (lying down reduces it by 75% compared to standing).
    It’s one way of growing up I suppose.

  52. AFH

    It’s tragic that the question I want to ask is… much can you bench bro?

  53. Andrew Austin

    I can’y help but wonder two things

    1. why do you ask this (I’m curious to relevancy and context)?
    2. why do you think it is tragic that you ask?
  54. AFH

    You mention that you lift weights in the video. iirc you expressed sheepishness about admitting it (I appreciate you probably haven’t been doing as much training of that sort recently).
    I suppose it’s tragic because I should probably have a better question. Though I am thinking about that dead body……

  55. elidavis

    great artical,
    As a hurts i would strongly agree that being in the light, in a can do problem solving attitude makes a huge difference.
    I rated it accedentaly 1.5 insread of 5

  56. elidavis

    love your work Andrew,
    Thank you!
    The Devil reminds me of the Knight of Wands and the knights in general.
    Interestinng the Eagal wings on the sward.
    Where on the tree of life does the devil sit?

  57. elidavis

    My thoughts on what the sun might represent in the tree of life is:
    The melting of the inner child foud in the solar plexus chakra and is represented by the Sun into the heart which is often represented by a flower in particular the rose or the lotus.
    So basically the Solar Plexus (self love and acceptence) and The Heart Chakra (universal love and the gateway) become one. and the sun is shining through the heart and down the arms to manifistation.
    when one is no longer seperate from his inner child from himself and he becomes one with expressing his soul in his physical manifestation.
    Not sure what part of the brain that woud represent though…
    I’m loving this course btw!

  58. elidavis

    please add image of the Empress card.
    Ta very much

  59. Bhavana

    Thank you for this article. I have been reflecting on it– specially the notion of Vigneshwara. Here is what I think:

  60. elidavis

    Interesting that Crowley chose to call this card lust and not passion.

  61. AFH

    If you read Derrida (or even The Graphic Guide available with a Kindle Unlimited trial), you will see him talk about Thoth the Joker as the God of Writing, the great *pharmakon*…neither King nor Jack, a wild card, one who puts play into play.

  62. Marlies1976

    What book is this figure 15 from, do you remember?

  63. Andrew Austin

    I’m going to guess from Israel Regardie, The Middle Pillar/The Art of True Healing.

  64. Duncan Campbell

    Breathing exercises have long featured in my spiritual practice, either directly or indirectly through some kind of prep work (e.g. I do QiQong before meditating and breathing is a big part of that). I’ve been convinced of their value for a few years now just based on their effects but I’ve never been able to reconcile my fractured understanding of how these methods physically work.…/dp/0735213615 has changed that and I consider it the best synthesis of all the various seemingly contradictive ideas out there regarding breathing and its effect on the body and mind.

  65. Andrew Austin

    Thanks – will order the book and have a read.

  66. Marlies1976

    Lovely drawing…
    Page 270 => 11.
    (phallic symbol encapsuled by Yoni symbol)

  67. Ben Willens
  68. Marlies1976

    Juno does have a link with Astarte (the goddess of fertility, sex, love, war), but my guess is Astarte (fwa Inanna (as in the myth of Inanna&Ereshkigal) is more connected to the path of the High Priestess.,_Hera,_Astarte_and_Juno

  69. Marlies1976

    Just a thought; maybe an excess of fire is ‘simply’ an adopted way to burn of an excess of water/emotions? A momentarily state of being to get into an active mode?

  70. AmandaW365

    Andy could you expand on the crowley North facing from east facing. Why he did that please.

  71. Andrew Austin

    As far as I know, he never really explained it, other than he was on the South Coast of England, and decided that Boleskine in Scotland would be the new East.

  72. Ben Willens

    This is very interesting and useful.
    I’ve always though that anthropomorphications in metaphors were quite like the lovers card in terms of it’s attribution to the sword and the separation and personification aspects. It’s only when things are separated from the whole of the experience that we can specifically recognise and work with our relationship to them.

  73. Ben Willens

    The (Qabalistic) thing that I most often end up talking about (or at least in the area of) when working with peoples fulfilment metaphors is some of the themes of the adjustment card. I’m not sure if I can completely explain why. I think perhaps it’s the imbalance (and sense of unfairness) that occurs when we desperately want something that we don’t get and that our experience adjusts depending on our expectations. 

  74. Natalie Byrne

    Very interesting. It will take me some effort just to familiarise myself with the rest of the paths and understand the connections you have made here! I still know so little about the Tree of Life so sadly I can’t add anything useful. I do echo Ben’s thoughts about the sword aspect of the Lovers card and anthropomorphication. Though thinking about it, anthropomorphication is not unique in that respect because isn’t all of metaphor a separating out from ourselves?
    Looking forward to learning more about this!

  75. Marlies1976