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Qabalistic Considerations

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10 months ago

Pls don’t use anything with petroleum in it on your skin πŸ™ its really easy to make a rub/bar yourself. Or just buy some without.

I guess you can use a rub on your temples too if the crown is a bit much?

DIY bar
All organic:
1,5 table spoon coconut oil
1,5 table spoon bees wax
2 table spoons cacao butter
1/2 table spoon almond oil
10-15 drops etherical oil; peppermint, pine, cinnamon, rosemary, thyme, sage, citrus, mandarin, etc

Melt the beeswax first, au bain marie. Take it of the heat and add the cacao butter and coconut oil. Then add and mix in the rest. Pour it into bonbon/icecube molds and let cool for 48 hours (so the core is cooled off, too) in fridge. Keeps for weeks in a glass jar in the fridge. Keep one out at room temp and use when needed πŸ™‚

Diane Gould
Diane Gould
9 months ago

My experience of Ritual helped me understand this much better and I have now integrated the Middle Pillar into my morning meditation. Thanks Andy

3 months ago

What book is this figure 15 from, do you remember?