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Tree of Life Attributions

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Ben Willens
Ben Willens
24 days ago

This is very interesting and useful.
I’ve always though that anthropomorphications in metaphors were quite like the lovers card in terms of it’s attribution to the sword and the separation and personification aspects. It’s only when things are separated from the whole of the experience that we can specifically recognise and work with our relationship to them.

Ben Willens
Ben Willens
24 days ago

The (Qabalistic) thing that I most often end up talking about (or at least in the area of) when working with peoples fulfilment metaphors is some of the themes of the adjustment card. I’m not sure if I can completely explain why. I think perhaps it’s the imbalance (and sense of unfairness) that occurs when we desperately want something that we don’t get and that our experience adjusts depending on our expectations. 

Natalie Byrne
Natalie Byrne
19 days ago

Very interesting. It will take me some effort just to familiarise myself with the rest of the paths and understand the connections you have made here! I still know so little about the Tree of Life so sadly I can’t add anything useful. I do echo Ben’s thoughts about the sword aspect of the Lovers card and anthropomorphication. Though thinking about it, anthropomorphication is not unique in that respect because isn’t all of metaphor a separating out from ourselves?
Looking forward to learning more about this!

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