Metaphors of Movement Esoteric Study Group


Here’s what you can know about initiation and membership.

“Joining the HII has woken me up from study slumber as the material presented and support given enables me to journey into areas of esoteric teaching which I could have found quite difficult to understand. Any preconceived obstacles I had in life are going in my opinion as through HII and MoM I gain a deeper understanding of my life.”  D. G. London, UK.

This is for Full Initiation via Psychodrama Only.
Distance members can join here.

It is likely that on your initiation day that you won’t be the only one that day. If you are the first one through, then you will be able to participate or observe those coming through after you.

The structure of the initiation rituals/dramas are based on the core principles of Metaphors of Movement. The first-degree initiation is relatively short compared to the later degrees.

For the first degree initiation, you are not required to dress up (unless you have a burning desire to do so), present any speeches or give any performances. Basically, in the first-degree ritual, your participation is largely passive.

The Historia Illius Itineris has a number of very strict conduct rules and we guarantee that:

(i) there is no nudity, hazing or high-jinx of any sort
(ii) there is nothing that will compromise anyone’s moral values
(iii) the dignity of the initiate is safeguarded at all times. We also operate a strict no alcohol and no drugs policy.

There exists the possibility of two candidates undertaking the first-degree initiation together should this be desired for those who wish to “bring a friend.” In all circumstances though, both participants will need to be eligible to join.

Once you have been initiated, then you can join any of the lodges, as many or as few as you wish and begin your studies. Additional study papers based on the MoM material will be made available to you. Very little of the material in these papers is taught in the MoM training courses.

The lodges all have 10 formal meetings per year. Each of these meetings will explore a study paper and offer practice sessions.  Lodges are free to hold as many additional meetings as they wish organised according to the wishes and needs of their participants.

Eligibility criteria.

  • you need to be intelligent and willing to share your cleverness with your lodge.
  • you need to be relatively sane, or at the very least, stable.
  • you need to be prepared to put the work in. Progression within the order requires active participation.
  • you must be punctual. Failure to turn up on time is grounds for immediate expulsion from the order, and that’s before you’ve even joined!
  • there is no age restriction on membership, but anyone under 18 requires parental/custodian consent.

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