Metaphors of Movement Esoteric Study Group

Distance Membership

Distance Membership

We now offer distance membership to those members who do not live near an initiation centre or simply do not wish to undergo the formal initiation. We call this the Administrative Initiation and this can be done via this website and takes just a few minutes.

This gives you full access to all the 1st-degree material and to our Facebook group for ongoing support and instruction.

There is no initiation fee, and membership fees are the same as for regular members.

Click to join here as a distance member.

“The HII is a whole” different playground” in the field of exploring personal and human experience. Hidden pieces that otherwise would not be revealed are shown by the search and research of the metaphorical landscape combined with the materials offered in HII.

This “playground” has led me to discover new areas of perception that enriched my insights beyond every other training or study I ever did. It is not just a free ride since it requires to take a deep dive in the materials, study them and be willing to face some truthful revelations.

But in the end it lightens up the aspects that would have remained in the dark… especially with the support of the group members. (it is basically hide and seek for badasses but you do not have to mention that).” H.D.V., Netherlands