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An Exploration of Tarot Archetypes and Metaphor (Part 1)

Metaphors and Tarot eCourse

Part 1. An Expression of Archetypes: The Major Arcana and The 16 Court Cards

This is not about divination or fortune-telling.  This is not about “how to read the tarot cards” or other such nonsense. Taking the tarot as a collection of archetypes and metaphor, this program by Andrew T. Austin delves into the origins of the symbols and how they manifest in our modern metaphors and experience.

In this program, we use Aleister Crowley’s famous Thoth tarot deck painted by Lady Frieda Harris and collect various resources together from around the web. We advise having a copy of Crowley’s “Book of Thoth” and “777 and Other Qabalistic Writings” handy for reference.

If you’ve struggled to comprehend the very information-dense “Book of Thoth” by Aleister Crowley about the Thoth tarot, then hopefully this program will resolve that for you.

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Course Contents
The Major Arcana and Supportive Concepts

Ther 22 trump cards of the tarot, connection to the Qabalistic “Tree of Life”, archetypes and experiential metaphor with a mix of video and audio explanation, graphic and text supportive material and discussion.

I was asked, “So, do you believe in God, the bible, the tarot and all that stuff?”

My most simplistic answer would be to say that anyone who reduces the great religious stories that have endured the test of time down to a question of belief or historical record, has totally missed the point. And this applies regardless of whether the person is an atheist or a true-believer.

Similarly, anyone who reduces tarot symbology down to a question of, “do you believe in the tarot then?” has also totally missed the point.  Belief is utterly pointless here and the question of belief merely serves to redirect one’s attention to something other than what is actually represented within this arcane set of symbols. It is intellectual laziness at its finest.

Tarot eCourse and Metaphors of Movement

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Marco Uitendaal
Marco Uitendaal
1 year ago

btw. You got an old deck of Thoth. of course. Do you have all three magi?

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