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The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

  1. Touching the forehead, say “Ateh (Unto Thee).”
  2. Touching the genitals, say Malkuth (The Kingdom).”
  3. Touching the right shoulder, say “ve-Geburah (and the Power).”
  4. Touching the left shoulder, say “ve-Gedulah (and the Glory),
  5. Clasping the hands upon the breast, say “le-Olahm, Amen (To the Ages, Amen).”
  6. Turning to the East, make a pentagram (that of Earth) with the proper weapon (usually the Wand). Say (i.e. vibrate) “IHVH” (Ye-ho-wau).
  7. Turning to the South, the same, but say “ADNI” (Adonai).
  8. Turning to the West, the same, but say “AHIH” (Eheieh).
  9. Turning to the North, the same, but say “AGLA” (Agla).
  10. Extending the arms in the form of a cross say:
  11. “Before me Raphael;
  12. Behind me Gabriel;
  13. On my right hand Michael;
  14. On my left hand Auriel;
  15. For about me flames the Pentagram,
  16. And in the Column stands the six-rayed Star.”
  17. until xxi. Repeat steps (i) to (v), the “Qabalistic Cross.”

The Sign of Silence

Also known as The Sign of Harpocrates, one of the grade signs of the 0=0 grade.

Harpocrates, the Greek god of silence, equal to the Egyptian god, Hoor-Paar-Kraat (“Horus, The Child”) Horus, the child “is the Babe in the Egg of Blue that sits upon the lotus flower in the Nile.” See Tarot card, “The Aeon” (Crowley’s Thoth deck)

The Silence of Harpocrates is the “Act of Adoration; not the dumb callousness of heaven toward man, but the supreme ritual, the Silence of supreme Orgasm, the stilling of all Voices in the perfect rapture.” (THE EQUINOX Vol. I. No. VII )

The Sign of The Enterer

Also known as The Sign of Horus, another one of the 0=0 grade signs.

As an adult, Horus is a god of light.

Practice the assumption of the god-forms. Both Thelemapedia and Wikipedia have a lot of additional information on Horus in his different permutations.

The Qabalistic Cross

The head. Kether. “Ateh
Pure brilliant white light.  Representative of Kether, the first emanation on the Tree of Life.

The groin/feet. “Malkuth
Citrine, olive, russet, and black. Representative of Malkuth, the tenth emanation on the Tree of Life.
The Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel or of Adonai.

Right shoulder. “ve-Geburah
Scarlet red. Representative of Geburah (Strength), the fifth emanation on the Tree of Life.
The Vision of Power.
Planetary attribution: Mars (qualities: war, aggression, anger, survival, active energy).

Left shoulder. “ve-Gedulah
Blue. Representative of Chesed (Mercy – “Gedulah” means “Majesty”), the fourth emanation on the Tree of Life.
The Vision of Love.
Planetary attribution: Jupiter (qualities: abundance, insight through knowledge, morality, gratitude, hope, honor, and the law.)

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