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Developing the Physical World

Kabbalah and Personal Development

It might be useful to think about the physical world in terms of sephira meditations and personal development. Here’s a loose guideline.

MALKUTH (improve the physical)

    • Clean your house, finish any outstanding DIY jobs, fix those things you have been putting off. It might be that you need to move house to a better, more affordable or more suitable area. For example, if you live in the city and are really a country person at heart (or vice versa) then address this.
    • Clear the clutter from your house. Give away, sell, or throw out anything that is just clutter.
    • Clear your debts, start a savings account (even if it just a pound a week, but start saving), pay attention to how you spend your money, look for how savings can be made with a little effort, start giving to charity.
    • Visit the dentist, get those minor ailments treated, start exercising, check your blood pressure, cut out all junk food, eat more fresh greens, get a full medical checkup.
    • Stop smoking, quit drinking (don’t just cut down, 100% quit) quit all intoxicants and bad habits.
    • Learn to cook.

YESOD (improve the unconscious)

    • Change your bed, buy a new mattress, buy the most comfortable bedding and pillows you can afford. Get rid of the TV from the bedroom. Pay attention to your bedroom, make it great.
    • Keep a dream diary.
    • Learn to meditate, focused concentration, practice daily.
    • Improve your quality of sleep, adjust your eating patterns to be harmonious to your sleep/wake cycle..
    • Start keeping a reflective journal/diary/scrapbook.
    • Get some therapy, learn self-hypnosis, read the Karma Sutra, slow down and relax more during sex.

HOD (improve the intellect)

    • Study a subject, learn anatomy, first aid, take evening classes, complete your education. Learn maths and geometry.
    • Start buying more books…and reading them.
    • Learn a foreign language, learn advanced written English. Take a public speaking class.
    • Volunteer in a hospital, get to know medical students.
    • Study chemistry, alchemy, magick, system theory.
    • Practice the LBRP daily, the hexagram ritual (IAO formula) regularly.

NETZACH (improve the creative)

    • Learn to dance, sing and paint.
    • Start writing poems, no matter how bad they are.
    • Get creative, take art classes, pottery, photography. Develop an eye for looking at the world as an artist.
    • Learn and practice The Five Rhythms (al la Gabrielle Roth)

Tiphereth (act from the heart)

    • Reconnect with old friends.
    • Put right all your wrongs, return that borrowed book, repay debts.
    • Phone your mother (or another relative you ought to call).
    • Learn to see both sides of an argument.
    • Pay attention to your legacy that will mark your life.
    • Give your time to a voluntary organisation for children (Scouts/Guides, youth clubs etc)
    • Study and practice Catholicism.
    • Practice the hexagram ritual (IAO) daily.

Geburah (develop strength)

    • Take up martial arts, learn to box, self-defence.
    • Learn to shoot and handle a weapon, sword fighting, archery.
    • Read the Art of War, watch films about the Nuremberg trials, and films with a revenge theme.
    • Study the history of military strategy.
    • Learn criminal law, right-wing politics, management theory.

Chesed (be nicer)

    • Practice forgiving those who have wronged you, abandon past hurts and wrongs.
    • Help the poor, give to the homeless, give a part of yourself not just money.
    • Feed/help stray animals.
    • Give up meat, become vegetarian.
    • Support a prison charity.
    • Study social reform, civil rights and left-wing politics.
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