Metaphors of Movement Esoteric Study Group

Mission Statement

Mission Statement of The Order of The Historia Illius Itineris International

The Movement
Official Statement
From the Director for The Historia Illius Itineris

Mission Statement

The Order of The Historia Illius Itineris International (HI3 / HIII) is the international directorate of The Movement, a hierarchical membership organization. Our mission is to communicate the practices and theories of the philosophical and experiential system known as Metaphors of Movement, with a particular emphasis on developing the ideals of personal freedom, excellence, and self-knowledge. To this end, we conduct experiential instruction (“initiation”) and offer regular instruction to our participatory members in a small practice group type of environment and via webinar and online lecture material.

Program Synopsis

The Program of the Directorate of The Historia Illius Itineris is as follows:

  • To create and maintain a structured and hierarchical organisation of persons united by their common interest in exploring the subtle realms of experience using the embodiment of principles developed from Metaphors of Movement.
  • To provide certain benefits to the members of this society, including, but not limited to: participation in experiential ritual; social community and entertainment; instruction in esoteric sciences; development and guidance for improved business; and opportunities for creative expression, community service, and development of highly beneficial social and professional relationships.
  • To collaboratively develop, gather and collect a body of knowledge and intellectual resources for the benefit of all members of the society.

Vision Statement

  • We envision The Historia Illius Itineris as a model fraternal order and the leading proponent in the advancement and development of the principles of Metaphors of Movement applied to self.
  • We will uphold the highest standards of excellence and effectiveness in the practice and dissemination of our teachings.
  • We will foster harmonious and constructive relationships with the other fields of exploration and research allied to the purposes of The Historia Illius Itineris.
  • We will assist, nurture and develop the individual success of our members in areas such as employment and business, wealth and personal success.

Values Statement

  • We support the liberty of the individual and the cultivation of psychological freedoms, self-respect, self-knowledge, self-discipline, and self-responsibility.
  • We expect commitment from all our members to uphold the principles of the Historia Illius Itineris and to make an active contribution to promote the success of all participants.
  • We impose no belief, religion or commitment upon our members outside of the activities of The Historia Illius Itineris.
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