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  1. Diane Gould

    Thanks Andy ideas are flowing amazing stuff i can base my Patchworking around the Pearly family as you mentioned not to think too much which quite challenged me then realisation about keeping things simple.

  2. Duncan Campbell

    Short and sweet, thanks for this. Can’t stop picturing Shiva as a mafioso now.

  3. Suzanne


  4. Marlies1976

    When this was a topic for me, I myself emerged out of a situation where I had taken on the victim role. Being able to see this mechanism and then jotting it down combined with the ToL was (one of the) a big eye opener. Of course around that time a client came to me for bodywork sessions who continously and persistently ‘forced’ me to take a position in this triangle. Very informative.

    Now re-reading; Equals having a problem positioning yourself as the victim? Is asking ‘Whats it like’ deliberately taking on one of the two other positions in this triangle, and, is that what we want (operating within in this triangle)?

    Having done the IEMT and learning about the Patterns of Chronicity, this drama triangle is again very intriguing to me.

  5. Marco Uitendaal

    Two thoughts:
    – Adam and eve weren’t the first humans. They are representative of early humans and how they grew consciousness (knowledge) and became aware of their vulnerability. Within this frame it’s not so weird that Cain married someone from another tribe.
    – Cain married his anthropomorphication if the land of Nod was his metaphorical landscape. Then his wife would represent anyone to which he related in that way, but who would that be? His father, his mother, god?

    I can’t help but believe that Genesis is not timewise lineair, mathematically logical or single-axis.

    The rejection of Cains’ sacrifice, could that really be in part because of the cyclical nature of his world view? There’s so much value in cyclical awareness.

  6. Andrew Austin

    Throughout these pages, you will see the correlation between the Greek and the Roman gods. This graphic explains why this happened.

  7. Andrew Austin

    Hermetic magick

  8. Andrew Austin


  9. Marlies1976

    Looking good, thank you!

  10. Marco Uitendaal

    Let’s start the exploring. 🙂 Good times!

  11. Mike Gray

    So my question at this stage, (which may become clear later), is what are these ten things? Ten kinds of people? Ten aspects of a person? Ten stages a person might progress through?

  12. Andrew Austin

    It’s a good question. “Conceptual categories” might be a good answer, there may be better answers. Lon Milo
    Duquette said of the introduction of Qabalah that there is no explanation that can be given that does not presuppose you already know about something else. Introduction stuff is really difficult.

  13. Marco Uitendaal

    okay. That unexpected youtube movie just propelled Marlies and me to the outer edges of the Internet. Wow.

  14. Andrew Austin

    If you give it a try, do please photograph the results.

  15. Mike Gray

    “He had balls” — I see what you did there

  16. Marco Uitendaal

    Well written! Revisiting the hurts taxonomy of level 2, the light of the 1st degree study material and a nice overview of the types of hurts and links to other taxonomies. Hadn’t thought of life-fluids as fulfilments at all but it’s obvious now. Sheds a nice light on my own tendency to conform, albeit kicking and screaming (on the inside).

  17. Mike Gray

    Looks to me like vairocana. ( note the hands).