Metaphors of Movement Esoteric Study Group



  1. Diane Gould

    Thanks Andy ideas are flowing amazing stuff i can base my Patchworking around the Pearly family as you mentioned not to think too much which quite challenged me then realisation about keeping things simple.

  2. Duncan Campbell

    Short and sweet, thanks for this. Can’t stop picturing Shiva as a mafioso now.

  3. Suzanne


  4. Marlies1976

    When this was a topic for me, I myself emerged out of a situation where I had taken on the victim role. Being able to see this mechanism and then jotting it down combined with the ToL was (one of the) a big eye opener. Of course around that time a client came to me for bodywork sessions who continously and persistently ‘forced’ me to take a position in this triangle. Very informative.

    Now re-reading; Equals having a problem positioning yourself as the victim? Is asking ‘Whats it like’ deliberately taking on one of the two other positions in this triangle, and, is that what we want (operating within in this triangle)?

    Having done the IEMT and learning about the Patterns of Chronicity, this drama triangle is again very intriguing to me.