The Rod of Light Lodge, Newcastle, UK
Contact: Soror Lux
Email: TheRodofLight@gmail.com

Coniunctis Viribus Lodge, Breda, Netherlands
Contact: Soror Nyx
Email: lodgeconiunctisviribus@gmail.com

Invisibilia Lucem Lodge, Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK
Contact: Frater Nobiscum Deus
Email: InvisibiliaLucem@gmail.com

“Our lodge helps me to stay actively involved in the content of the MOM/Historia. Next to that it helps to wake-up, train and test my ideas about the metaphors we discuss and I learn a lot from the people in my group. Working together and discussing ideas seems essential to me for anyone who want’s to continue working with the lessons from MOM.”  M.V. Netherlands