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The Empress and Emperor

You should before all other things study and understand the sacred laws of Nature. Discern the Father Spirit and Mother Spirit, and recognise the sex aspect of the two breaths, and the soul of their movements; learn how the black female seeks the caresses of the white male, and why the white male does not disdain the dark woman.

The white man is Day, or the Sun; and the black woman refers to Night, and the Moon. It is necessary to know the names and powers of the twelve precious jewels which are included in the crown of gold referred to the Sun, and the names also which are allotted to the chief of the powers of the Moon. You will then require to be familiar with the keys of the Fifty Gates, the secret of the Thirty−two Paths, and the characters of the Seven Spirits.

These Seven Spirits are, Michael of the Sun, Gabriel of the Moon, Samael of Mars, Raphael of Mercury, Zachariel of Jupiter, Anael of Venus, and Orifiel of Saturn. These govern the world in successive order, and the completion of their seven ages of ruling power constitutes a Week of the Time of God.

You must learn also the plants, colours, perfumes, and musical notes which correspond to the seven planetary powers; and it is essential to retain those correspondences with the utmost exactitude. Thus when it is required to do perfect magical work, the procedure of each day is different in many particulars.

On Sunday you must wear a purple robe, a tiara, and golden bracelets; you must arrange about the altar or tripod, garlands of laurel, heliotrope, or sunflower; you must use as a fumigating incense cinnamon, frankincense, saffron, and red sandal−wood; you require at your right hand a golden wand set with a ruby or a chrysolite; and your operations must be carried out between one hour past midnight up to eight in the morning, or between three in the afternoon and ten in the evening.

On Monday you should wear a white robe with silver ornaments, with a collar of three rows consisting of pearls, crystals, and selenites; a tiara yellow with the letters of Gabriel in silver. The proper perfumes are those of camphor, white sandalwood, amber, and cucumber seeds; the garlands for the altar should be of armoise (query, mugwort, artemisia), evening primrose, and yellow ranunculus. Avoid with care anything of black colour; use no cup or vessel of gold, silver only, or clear white china or pottery. The same hours as before mentioned for the Sun, but use rather the night hours.

On Tuesday the colour of the robe should be fiery, or rusty, or of blood colour, with a girdle and bracelets of steel; the wand should be of magnetised steel; a sword may also be used and a consecrated dagger; garlands of absinth and rue; an amethyst and steel ring on the finger should also be worn.

On Wednesday the robe should be green or of shot silk many tinted; the necklet of pearls, or of glass beads containing mercury; the perfumes are benzoin, myrrh, and storax; the flowers for the garlands are the narcissus, lily, the annual or perennial mercurialis, fumitory, or marjoram; the precious stone is the agate.

On Thursday the robe of scarlet, a lamen of tin upon the forehead, bearing the symbol of Jupiter and the three words Giazar of Fire, Bethor of Water, and Samgabiel, also fiery; the perfumes for incense, ambergris, cardamon, grains of paradise, balm, mace, and saffron. The ring should contain an emerald or a sapphire; the garlands of oak, poplar, fig−tree, or pomegranate; the wand of glass or resin. The robe should be made of wool or silk.

On Friday the robe of azure blue, its decorations of green or rose colour, the wand of polished copper; the perfumes are musk, civet, and amber; crown of violets; garlands of roses interspersed with boughs of myrtle and olive; the ring ornamented by a turquoise. Lapis lazuli and beryl should decorate the crown or diadem.

The operator should hold a fan formed of swan’s feathers, and should wear around his loins a circlet, being a copper plate on which is engraved Anael, with its sigil, and on a circle surrounding these the words Ave Evah; Vade Lilith.

On Saturday the robe should be black, or dark brown, with appropriate designs embroidered in orange−coloured silk. Around the neck should be worn a chain and lamen formed of lead engraved with the name Saturn and his sigil, with the additions of the words Almalec, Aphiel, and Zarahiel. The proper perfumes for the incense are scammony, aloes, sulphur, and asafoetida. The wand should be ornamented with an onyx stone, and the proper garlands are of ash, cyprus, and black hellebore. Upon the onyx on the wand there should be engraved with a consecrated tool, during the hours of Saturn, a figure of the double−faced Janus.

The clothing of a Magician should be new, clean, and woven by a virgin; magical implements should be new, and consecrated by prayers and incense.

The Magician needs to be abstinent, chaste, and devoted to the Work. His spirit and heart must be free from other claims upon them, and his will power devoted wholly, perseveringly, and with intelligent faith to the success of any great work, and to the results of his scientific occult performances. Magical operations should commence with Exorcisms of air, earth, and water, and end by Consecrations with fire.

The Exorcisms of Air is performed by breathing forth toward the four cardinal points, by the Word, and by repeating this invocation:

“The Spirit of God brooded over the waters, and God-breathed into Man the breath of life.
“The Spirit of God filled the universe; in it all things exist, and in it is the Word of Power.
“May the Word be in my spirit, and so may all things be subservient to me.
“Be ye exorcised then, ye beings of Air, in the Name of Him whose breath first filled all things with the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

The Prayer of the Sylphs should then be recited.

The Exorcism of Earth is performed by the sprinkling of consecrated water, by the breath, by the Word, and by the burning of incense suitable to the day of the ceremony. Then recite the Prayer of the Gnomes.

The Exorcism of Water is performed by the laying on of hands, by the breath, by the Word, and by sprinkling upon it consecrated salt mixed with a little of the ash taken from the censer, and duly consecrated. The Water is to be sprinkled around by a brush composed of sprays of vervain, periwinkle, sage, mint, valerian, and basil; these are to be tied with a thread taken from a virgin’s distaff, to a handle of the wood of a nut−tree which has not yet borne fruit. Upon this handle you must engrave, with the magical dagger, the characters of the Seven Spirits.

The Salt is consecrated by reciting over it the following Latin prayer:

“In isto Sale sit sapientia, et ab omni corruptione servet mentes nostras et corpora nostra, per Chokmah, et in virtute Ruach Chokmael; recedant ab isto phantasmata hylae ut sit Sal celestis, Sal terrae et Terra salis, ut nutrietur bos triturans, et addat spei nostrae cornua tauri volantis. Amen.”

Then this Latin prayer over the ashes from the censer:

“Revertatur cinis ad fontem aquarum viventium, et fiat terra fructificans et germinat arborem jucunditatis, et incensum suavitatis, per tria nomina Binah, Chokmah et Kether, in principio et in fine, per Alpha et Omega, qui sunt in Spiritu Azoth. Amen.”

While you sprinkle the mixed salt and ashes into the water, recite:

“Emittes Spiritum O Tiphereth, et creabuntur omnia nova in his ergo sit semen venturi saeculi. Amen.”


“All powerful Father, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, whose voice is heard in the great waters, who didst cleave the waters of the Red Sea to make a passage for the children of Israel, and then didst cause the sea to swallow up the Egyptians who were pursuing them, Mi Kamako Baalim Jehovah, thou whose altar, composed of the Twelve Jewels, is beneath the waters of the sacred river, deign to bless this water and to banish from it all baneful influences, Shaddai, Shaddai, Shaddai (breathe three times over the water). By the great names, Araritha, Eloah va Daath, Elohim Tzabaoth and Elohim Gibur, may this water be consecrated for the service of those who are about to invoke the Divine Powers for the benefit of their souls. Amen.”

Then the Prayer of the Undines should be recited:

Dread King of the Sea, Who hast the keys of the floodgates of heaven and dost confine the waters of the underworld in the caverns of earth; King of the deluge and the floods of the springtime; Thou Who dost unseal the sources of rivers and fountains; Thou Who dost ordain moisture, which is like the blood of earth, to become the sap of plants: Thee We adore and Thee the invoke! Speak unto us, Thine inconstant and unstable creatures, in the great tumults of the sea, and we shall tremble before Thee; speak unto us also in the murmur of limpid waters, and me shall yearn for Thy love! O Immensity into which flow all rivers of life, to be continually reborn in Thee! O ocean of infinite perfections! Height which reflects Thee in the depth, depth which exhales Thee to the height, lead us unto true life by intelligence and love! Lead us to immortality by sacrifice, that we may be found worthy one Day to offer Thee water, blood and tears, for the remission of sins! Amen.

To perform the Exorcism of Fire, cast upon it salt, incense, and sulphur, while you pronounce the names of Anael, Michael, and Samael; the prayer of the Salamanders should then be recited.

You must thoroughly understand that elemental beings are souls of an imperfect type, not yet raised in the scale up to human existance, and that they can only manifest power when called into action by the adept as auxiliaries to his will, by means of that universal astral fluid in which they live. The kingdom of the Gnomes is assigned to the North, the Salamanders to the South, the Sylphs to the East, and the Undines to the West.

These Elemental beings are related to, and bear an influence over persons, according as they are of one or other of the four Temperaments. The Gnomes are related to the Melancholic type, Salamanders to the Sanguine, Undines to the Phlegmatic, and Sylphs to the Bilious Temperament.

Their symbols are those of Taurus the Bull for Gnomes; Leo the Lion for Salamanders; the Eagle for Sylphs; and the sign of Aquarius for Undines.

Their Rulers are respectively Ghob, Djin, Paralda, and Nicsa.

The combination of these four types of face and being represents the Created Universe, a complete and eternal entity, Man in fact, the Microcosm; and this is the first formula of the mystical explanation of the enigma of the Sphynx.

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