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Immersion Metaphor – Jonah, Noah and Jesus too

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5 months ago

What you said about school and children not having a higher one than their peers to concern themselves with, made me think about soceity in general. Where people dont bow their heads to a higher ideal nor fear the wrath of (God/Allah/Who/whatver), they all self become the Most Important. Central individulism, no main focus on comunity, roots and connections, but on chasing after personal ideals (idols) and easily falling for temptations. Because why the hell not?

Dov Meidan
Dov Meidan
5 months ago

This one, made the most sense and understandings of my place in my life and the ways i behave and walk through the world and reality.
Many of my metaphors have a desert in them.
Not necessarily I’m in the desert.

Still, the Jonah story make sense of the ways i behave and think and I’m somehow disassociate from them.

Boom for me.