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The Sun

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1 year ago


Awareness of the physical body as a projection of the true will is a key to wisdom – Nancy Wasserman
(full text Eight Lectures on Yoga – Crowly)

4 months ago

My thoughts on what the sun might represent in the tree of life is:
The melting of the inner child foud in the solar plexus chakra and is represented by the Sun into the heart which is often represented by a flower in particular the rose or the lotus.
So basically the Solar Plexus (self love and acceptence) and The Heart Chakra (universal love and the gateway) become one. and the sun is shining through the heart and down the arms to manifistation.
when one is no longer seperate from his inner child from himself and he becomes one with expressing his soul in his physical manifestation.
Not sure what part of the brain that woud represent though…
I’m loving this course btw!